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Learn more about the business and technical issues that are shaping the Nexsure Platform and your agency's future.

Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing

The Open Group
This technical white paper demonstrates that cloud computing has emerged as a new computing paradigm and is here to stay. It’s another step in the evolution of computing from mainframe, to minicomputer, to client/server, and the microprocessor. Cloud computing delivers return on investment from its on-demand capacity and utilization matching, its scalability (cost/unit), and ability to leverage disruptive changes among others.

As a Nexsure Platform user, you’re natively using cloud computing. You’ll benefit from our continued company investments and advancement of this advanced computing paradigm.

20 Cloud Computing Statistics Every CIO Should Know

SiliconANGLE, Author Jack Woods
Review these hard hitting, compelling facts on cloud computing that CIO’s are currently basing their investment decisions on.

The Future of Mobile Computing in 2025

Mobilecomputing on
A history, perspective, and future look at mobile computing and devices in general. For advantages as they may apply to an enterprise broadly, jump to the middle of the article. A key take-away is the dominance of media consumption by mobile, and how users shift between multiple mobile devices.