Agency Management System, Software, and Platform for Insurance Agencies - Nexsure

Sales & Marketing

Create sales & marketing campaigns
  • Suspects, Prospects & Clients
  • Segmentation by demographic
  • Drip Marketing

Policy Servicing

Streamline policy servicing for all tasks
  • All lines of business
  • Complete policy life-cycle
  • Automation to save time

Service Automation

Increase agency productivity
  • Thank You Letters
  • Auto Identification Cards
  • Loss Release Forms


Complete insurance accounting system
  • Complete accounting system
  • General Ledger
  • Advanced Reporting

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Learn how Nexsure can help independent insurance agencies reduce costs and increase profitability by providing rich client information, intuitive user interface, and automation of business processes, which nurtures customer satisfaction, builds customer loyalty, and improves customer service.

Our Services Everything Just Got Easier with Nexsure

We offer a wide variety of professional services to help agencies grow their business. For more information about our professional services click here
  • Marketing Services Our marketing experts will assist you with your marketing objectives.
  • Product Training We provide additional training as needed to keep your team as productive as possible.
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Nexsure Web+

Empower clients with online access
  • Website Integration
  • Lead Capture
  • Service Requests
  • Automatic Routing
  • Client Access Portal
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Save on Marketing

Get $100 discount on initial signup fee
  • Analysis/Strategy Review
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media
  • Email Templates
  • Print Templates

What's Included?

Nexsure is a comprehensive platform which provides all of the features you need to run an insurance agency.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Client/Contact Management
  • Policy Servicing
  • Complete Accounting
  • Carrier Integration
  • Document Management

Take Your Agency to the Next Level in 3 Easy Steps

Select the Nexsure product options for your business

Meet with a Nexsure product expert to identify the best options to help you grow your business. With the Client Portal, Service Automation, Document Management Suite and SubmissionSuite you have all the options you will ever need to grow your business.


An Implementation Manager will coordinate the entire process. It starts with an understanding of your business; then we start the initial setup; next the data conversion is launched (if applicable); after the data conversion has been reviewed, we schedule the go-live date and train your staff.

Take your business to the next level!

Now you are ready to take full advantage of the Nexsure platform. Leverage all of the features to take your business to the next level!

Knowledge Base

What is an Agency Management Platform?
An Agency Management Platform is a comprehensive solution for independent insurance agencies.
What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing leverages many different methods to generate awareness, brand products and market. Typical digital marketing methods include websites, email, social media sites and blogging.
Can I add features after I go-live?
Yes, you can add features at anytime after you go-live. Simply contact a representative and they will assist you.
How long does it take to add a user?
You can add users to your account within 24 hours of the request.

Why Choose Us?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons to choose Nexsure
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price
  • Professional Support
  • Fast Response Times
  •    Secure Solution
  • Unlimited Growth

Customer Feedback

  Nexsure has given us the means to dramatically improve our agency's productivity. Leveraging features of Nexsure ImpactSuite, we started by targeting specific labor intensive business processes and automating them one at a time. As a result, on average, each employee now saves approximately 20 hours per month and uses that time toward one-on-one customer interactions, cultivating closer client relationships, and generating new revenue opportunities. We have reclaimed time, and applied it to become a more productive agency that is more connected with our customers.   - Jim Doyle, President   DRD Insurance Agency
  After extensive research and due diligence, our agency determined that Nexsure/XDTI had the most advanced and progressive agency management solution and the flexibility to integrate our processes into a new system. Now that we've completed the transition, we know first-hand that Nexsure is head-and-shoulders beyond traditional agency management systems- perhaps that is due to the "move forward" management/leadership at XDTI…  - Matthew Peterson  Mills Insurance & Peterson Insurance Services, Inc.
  Nexsure's client access is an excellent resource for our clients and staff. Client access allows us to work collaboratively with over 75 of our largest clients. In addition to having automobile identification cards, certificates, and policies accessible anytime, clients have the ability to add documents and update information. This has allowed us to cut down on e-mail and save time!  - Ginger Imes   DS&P Insurance Services, Inc.
  Nexsure's Microsoft Office integration is simply amazing! We do custom proposals for new, as well as renewal business, and Nexsure makes it easy. Nothing we've seen, with our old system or from other systems we reviewed, is as powerful…  - Jared H. Morgan   Bradshaw & Weil